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Leafist Weekly Cannabis News Roundup - Issue 8

It's inauguration day. Did you head to D.C. to take part in the smoke out? We'll get you caught up on this week's news in case you missed any of the more popular stories. Here's what's happened this week in the cannabis world. 

More than 40 People Carried Joints to Trump's Inauguration

The original goal was to roll 4,200 joints to pass around at Trump's inauguration, but they ended up with over 5,500 after they saw how much interest there was for the event. In D.C. it's only legal to carry 2-ounces on you, so all the joints they rolled tallied about 4-pounds. That means that just over 40 people toted all of those joints to the National Mall.

If anyone ended up arrested for attending the smoke out, event organizer Adam Eidinger said, ""Anyone who is arrested on the mall, if they get a fine or have legal costs, I'm willing to pay that for them."

Maine's Recreational Sales May Be Delayed

Recreational cannabis sales won't start in Maine until at least February 2018 if a bill passes the state Legislature. Residents will still be able to use and grow cannabis starting January 30, 2017, but there won't be anywhere to purchase it legally for another 13 months. The bill also includes provisions to limit how much cannabis concentrate a person can possess. 

Legal Recreational Cannabis in Pennsylvania? Maybe.

Pennsylvania legalized medical cannabis last year, but are they close to considering legal recreational cannabis too? Pittsburgh and Philadelphia have already decriminalized personal use and small possession of cannabis. What's likely to happen before full statewide legalization is statewide decriminalization. 

California Refuses to Fail with New Recreational Cannabis Industry

California is taking notes from Colorado and Oregon in forming their regulations and processes for their new recreational cannabis industry. They want to start off on the right foot and put the program together the right way. Lawmakers want the cannabis industry to be a legitimate business opportunity that is sustainable. In order to do that, the proper regulations need to be put in place. Local rules, on top of state rules, must also be adopted. Local rules won't likely be adopted until the state finalizes its regulations.

National Academy Of Sciences Calls for Cannabis Rescheduling

The National Academy of Sciences is calling on the DEA to reschedule cannabis. They say that the current federal illegality of cannabis makes it very difficult to perform research studies to provide evidence and factual information to the industry, the government and society. Determining the benefits and risks of cannabis use remains stalled with it's Schedule I status. 

Florida May Approve 20 More Medical Cannabis Dispensary Licenses

For the entire state of Florida there are only seven approved dispensaries right now. The state is rather large, so to combat a potential supply issue, allowing 20 more dispensaries is being considered. What's the catch? Once the state has 500,000 registered medical marijuana patients, it will need at least 20 new dispensaries, if not more. Expect expansions soon in Florida. 


As usual, click the links to be taken to the original news stories. We've summed them up here for you. We hope you've had a wonderful week. We'll be back next Friday with another news roundup for you. Leafist wishes you a relaxing weekend!

What big cannabis news happened in your neck of the woods this week?

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