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Time-Saving Tips for Busy Cannabis Growers

Small scale growers are likely to have more time to pay attention to their cannabis crops. Busy growers, however, often have high overhead costs from requiring additional staff to care for the large crop. There are some shortcuts that you can take, without compromising quality, to give you back more of your own time.

Bigger Containers

Bigger containers mean two things – less transplanting and less watering. Larger pots can hold more water, so you won’t need to water but maybe once/wk until your plants are older and require more “food”. As your plants grow, they’ll need to be transplanted into bigger containers. Starting out with big pots cuts costs and hours of transplanting time.

Pre-Mixing Nutrients

Whenever possible, use nutrients that come pre-mixed with water or those that can be pre-mixed and left to sit. Mixing larger batches at once cuts down your watering time. It will also reduce how much water you’re using.

Pre-mixes are ideal because, unless you’re overfeeding, your cannabis plants have just the right mix of nutrients at all times.

Grow Outdoors

Growing outdoors has several advantages. First, you don’t need exhaust or air filtration systems. There is just the securing of the property that is required. You’ll also have less trimming to do and won’t need to restrict your plants much (plant training), as they’ll have more room to expand. You should, however, make sure that all of the flowers on your plants are getting the proper amount of sun. Trim as needed, but not excessively.

The biggest advantage to growing outside is – sunshine is free. You won’t have to spend money on expensive light setups.

Use Super Soil

Super soil is easy to grow in. It’s fortified with necessary vitamins and nutrients. You won’t need much for additional nutrients, so your cannabis plant care time is reduced. Simple pH tests will let you know if you need additional nutrients or just a drink of water.

Optimize the Grow Space

Part of optimizing your grow space is also organizing it. Keep all of the items you need for each step of the growth process grouped together. This means that all of your watering equipment should be in one area and all of your trimming equipment should be kept together.

Now, when designing the space, make sure that you are properly utilizing the space. Lighting sources and fans should be placed close to outlets. You should use the most cost effective lighting (LED) to reduce adjustments to lighting.

Make sure your ventilation system and temperature control setups are working properly. The more efficient the space is, the less time you’ll spend tending to your plants.

Strain Selection

Select a strain that auto-flowers or requires little attention. It is important to read the descriptions of the strains as you’re purchasing seeds or clones. The instructions for a successful grow are available, so you’ll know ahead of time whether you need to make more time available to care for your cannabis plants.

Closing Thoughts

These tips won’t make your cannabis plants grow themselves, growing cannabis is still a lot of work. But, when you’ve got a large scale grow, they can help you regain a couple of hours a day for yourself. If you're growing indoors, make sure your space is properly insulated and free of drafts, it'll help optimize your space and reduce time spent sealing drafty windows. 

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