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How to Increase THC Potency when Growing Cannabis

When you live in a state where cannabis is legal in some form, homegrowing might be permitted. It may be more cost effective for you to grow your own than purchase it in a retail shop. The costs of homegrowing can get expensive, so increasing THC levels in your crops is ideal to maximize every dollar you’re spending.

Choose a Strain with Good Genetics

If you start with a strain that typically produces lower THC concentrations, you’re likely to have the same results. Starting with a strain that is known for having a high potency is ideal because it will help you achieve similar results.  Always look at the genetics of your strain, specifically paying attention to its THC potency results. If you have a strain that consistently produces 20-percent or more THC, you’ll get close to that or right on the mark, but not over. The highest THC potency tests for that strain are the highest it produces.

To get the most THC from your cannabis strains, make sure you’re giving your plants the right kind of love.

Take Care of your Plants

Your plants need the right kind of care to produce potent buds. This means that you’ll need to produce strong plants that will be open to a lot of bud sites. All of these bud sites need to have equal exposure to light – depriving any buds of light retards its ability to produce THC. It is ideal to keep your grow space’s climate balanced. Cannabis plants need consistency to thrive.

Your cannabis plants need the most light during the flowering stages. The more light your plants get, the better your crop will be.

Harvest at the Right Time

You have to give your buds time to develop. About 3 weeks after the cannabis plants start to flower, they’re ready to harvest. An indicator is the trichomes (resin glands) should be milky white and the pistils (what makes the buds look hairy) should be curled inward and should be dark in color. When you have these two indicators present, the THC content in your buds is at its peak, which means it’s the right time to harvest them.

If you let your buds sit too long without harvesting it can reduce THC concentration and gives your strain more of a body high or relaxed feeling.

Use the Right Lights

During the flowering stage, your cannabis plants need to be exposed to bright light. Indoor growers should use LED or MH/HPS grow lights to produce the highest THC potencies. Outdoor growers should make sure their plants are getting 8 or more hours of light daily.

Closing Tips

Don’t try to use products like Miracle-Gro because it’s hard to flush out and won’t help your THC levels any. Only use nutrients that are specific to cannabis growing and those that are pre-mixed to ensure that you won’t experience nutrient burn or deficiency during the growing process. Dabble in plant training to get the right light exposure for every part of your plants too, it does help.

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