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Leafist Weekly Cannabis News Roundup - Issue 9

We hope you've all had a productive week. There's been a lot of controversy with Jeff Sessions as AG again this week, but no resolutions. The hearing to vote on his confirmation was delayed and will take place next week, so we'll fill you in on that next Friday. Here's what else has happened in the cannabis world this week. 

New Tampa Dispensary Opens

The much anticipated opening of Trulieve in Tampa is now open. Trulieve is the 7th dispensary to open in Florida. You can visit Trulieve at 8701 N Dale Mabry Highway. Since Florida doesn't allow dry flower sales, patients can purchase tinctures, oils, capsules and other liquids. 

Ohio's Medical Cannabis Rules have been Released

Some were worrying that Ohio would be behind schedule in drafting the rules and regulations for its medical cannabis program. The draft rules are ready for viewing and approval. Patients will have to pay a $50 state fee (veterans pay half). The state will allow up to 40 licenses for production and manufacturing - at least for now. 

Oh Arkansas - Get with the Program!

Senator Rapert in Arkansas has filed a bill that would delay the legalization of medical cannabis in the state until it's legalized federally. This is a major step backwards and has left many residents and families angered. The state was making great progress - this could be a major setback if the bill is approved. Fingers crossed that it won't!

Guess What? More Republicans Support Legal Cannabis

A new Quartz report shows that 42-percent of Republicans support legal cannabis. This falls in line with the 60-percent of Americans overall that support legalization. Millennial Republicans show the most support with 63-percent. Surprisingly, a Texas lawmaker argues that God made cannabis so he didn't see it as a mistake - which may hold some weight in the Bible Belt states. 

Want a Cannabis-Themed Wedding?

In states where recreational cannabis is legal, you might be able to celebrate a first toke instead of a first kiss. Cannabis-themed weddings are taking place and are gaining popularity. Some couples have a unity pipe designed with two mouthpieces so that the newlyweds can take their first hit together as a married couple - a unity hit. 

Israel wants to Decriminalize Cannabis

The worldwide attitude toward cannabis is shifting. Israel is working on decriminalizing cannabis possession/use. The Public Security Minister, Gilad Erdan supports decriminalizing marijuana use. Rather than imprisonment, fines and educational efforts would be used instead. Criminal punishment would be a last resort only. 

Erdan said, ""I do not take this issue lightly. Legitimacy to drug use has increased, and the number of users has increased. The awareness of the dangers and damages from regular use is dropping."

Hey, New York - It's Time to Make Patient Access a Priority

The State of New York isn't releasing a list of medical cannabis doctors. This makes the state's program even more difficult to deal with. It's restricting access, which is not fair to the patients that really need it. The issue is that healthcare providers can access medical cannabis doctor lists but patients cannot. This needs to be fixed, the patients of New York want access. 

Cannabis Smoked Turkey?

Cook's Fresh Market in Denver is making cannabis-smoked turkey. Now, doesn't that sound delicious? They've also got a mile high sandwich you can try. The food industry is innovating new ways to add cannabis to food every day. Smoking meats with cannabis is definitely something that I'd travel to Denver to try. 

Moms Working in the Cannabis Industry Dealing with a Nasty Stigma

More women, moms mostly, are getting jobs in legal cannabis businesses. They're taking a lot of flack for their choice of job. Does it matter what you do for work as long as it's legal? I say, absolutely not. Working in the cannabis industry does not make you a bad mom or a bad person. I say, Go Moms! With the amount of research information available these days denouncing the dangers of cannabis - people really should be more open-minded because it's not a killer like other drugs and moms are doing what they need to do to support their households. Remember, cannabis is safer than alcohol, street drugs and hundreds (perhaps thousands) of pharmaceuticals. 

The news was pretty interesting this week. As always, if you'd like to read any of these stories in full, please click the titles. We'll bring you another news roundup next Friday. From all of us at Leafist, have a wonderful weekend!

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