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Bubbleponics Shopping List

When you’re starting to grow cannabis at home and want to use a bubbleponics setup, knowing what items to buy helps save time and frustration. We’ll go over the basics, with some suggestions and explanations here. It’s our goal at Leafist to make your adventures in growing cannabis at home, where it’s legal to do so, successful and fun.

For the Plants

Your plants will need something to hold the roots together and prevent them from drooping too much. Add net pods, 3.75-inch size recommended, for each plant to your list. These help protect the roots and allow water to flow and drain freely.

Your plants will also need air stones. You’ll need two large stones per air pump if the pump you choose has two outlets. The stones help ensure the oxygen level in the water is proper and aids in providing healthier roots.

Speaking of pumps, you will need both an air pump and a water pump. You will need 1, preferably EcoPlus 2 Air Pump, for every 10-gallon container you have setup. You’ll want to get a submersible water pump like the EcoPlus 185 Submersible Pump as well.

Additional items for the main setup:

  • Drip manifold
  • Tubing (3/16-inch internal diameter, ¼-inch external diameter)
  • Rope ratchets to adjust the height of your grow lights
  • Twisty ties, to help hold tubing and wires in place, and to help secure plants/lights

The Fun Stuff

A mister/sprayer system is ideal to help give your plant a little spritz throughout the day. It can help to treat growing issues. Giving your plants Hydroguard helps prevent root rot. Only use this product as directed on the bottle. To help grow your root bases a little faster, use hydro starter cubes like Rapid Rooters.

A timer is good to have too. Your plants need your attention every 24 hours, so a 24-hour timer is necessary so that your plants are able to get on a schedule.

One of the biggest expenses you might have is reservoirs with lids. Since these can break easily, you may want to consider having a backup supply ready. Some homegrowers prefer to use 10-gallon totes as they are a little sturdier.


When it comes to lights, you really want to pay attention to the light spectrum while keeping your budget in mind. LED lights are ideal for growers on a budget. But, reviewing how the light spectrum matters in the different stages of growth is also important. Toward the end of the growing stage, blue light spectrum options are ideal because it can help produce better flavor and tighter buds.

Closing Thoughts

You may think that bubbleponics is complicated and high-tech – it really isn’t. It’s one of the easiest systems to setup and maintain since you’re not using soil and are less apt to deal with deficiencies and growing issues. You still need to maintain a proper grow climate in the space, feed and water your cannabis plants properly to have a successful crop. Making sure your pH levels are in-spectrum at all times is also important. Soon, we’ll go over how to setup your bubbleponics grow space.

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