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Why Organic Super Soil is the Best Growing Medium for Cannabis

A cannabis grower that goes by the name “Subcool” developed a process for creating super soil that is composted. Using organic super soil gives your cannabis plants everything they need without the need for extra nutrients/growth additives. All you need to do, with the proper super soil mixture, is water and maintain your plants.

Making Super Soil

Cannabis really is a “weed” and super soil helps it grow like one. The idea of super soil is to create living soil that mimics fertile soil types found naturally. You’ll want to start with a very large mixing container that can hold up to 110 pounds of soil and a rake. You’ll need a big tarp to cover the compost/soil mixture while it cures.

Ingredients list:

  • 60-gallons of organic soil
  • 35-pounds light mix soil
  • 60 pounds earthworm castings
  • 6-pounds of fish bone meal
  • 1-cup prilled dolomite lime
  • 8-ounces azomite
  • 5-pounds blood meal
  • 4-pounsd bat guano
  • 12-ounces Epsom salt
  • 25-percent perlite only if you’d like extra drainage for your plants

Mix all of the ingredients in order, in layered fashion to ensure that everything is evenly distributed and well mixed. After every ingredient added, lightly rake the mix. Start the composting process by moving your pile from one side to the other every day. When you don’t see any spots of color anymore, your super soil is ready to have water added to it slowly. Do not make the mix soggy; just keep it damp and covered. Dry super soil is a waste, so make sure it is completely covered.

Once the mixture dries out, it defeats the purpose of making it.

Keep the super soil in containers for 30 to 60 days before you use it to plant cannabis plants in. This is the “cooking” process. Check the soil daily for moisture as it should not be dry.

Don’t panic when the compost pile feels hot – this is normal and you want this to happen.

If you see bugs, remove them. Close your compost pile up tighter to keep bugs and critters out. You can use regular earthworms to help keep bugs out. They won’t hurt your plants at all.

Pros of Using Organic Super Soil

Using organic super soil helps give the buds a much smoother flavor. Perhaps the best perk to using super soil is that you don’t have to flush your cannabis plants before harvest. You’re not using any chemical-based products or pre-mixed nutrients, so there is nothing to flush.

A Few Cons

Making your own super soil is rather expensive. Using high-quality starters gives you the best super soil mixture possible. It is also a time consuming and physically laboring process. It’s also likely to take your cannabis plants a little longer to grow using organic super soil and you won’t be able to plant in it until it’s done “cooking”.

Closing Thoughts

Growing cannabis using organic super soil is ideal, especially for those that are sensitive to mold and/or chemicals. Inhaling chemicals from improperly flushed cannabis plants leads to headaches, vomiting and in some cases, allergic reactions. It also negatively affects the flavor of the dry flower. Even though it costs more and takes more time, using organic super soil that you make yourself is ideal as even some pre-mixed super soils are lacking in nutrients.

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