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Leafist Weekly Cannabis News Roundup - Issue 10

We hope your week has been a productive one. The cannabis news this week is interesting, as Massachusetts considers retrospectively expunging marijuana convictions from criminal records and Jeff Sessions continues to keep the industry on edge. Here's a quick wrap-up of what's happened in the cannabis world this week. 

Massachusetts Bill Filed to Expunge Cannabis Convictions from Records

Some Massachusetts lawmakers have filed a bill to retrospectively expunge cannabis convictions from criminal records. Not all convictions would be eligible. Some law enforcement officials disagree with the bill and think the state's current process for expunging drug convictions is sufficient. 

Patients Prefer Cannabis Over Pills

A Connecticut surgeon says his patients tell him not to prescribe them opioids. They prefer to "just smoke weed" because they have more relief from medical cannabis than opioids like Percocet (Oxycodone). The surgeon believes that medical cannabis or legal cannabis is the answer to ending the opioid crisis nationally.

Author's note: In the 3 years that I have been an MMJ cardholder and have had to visit the ER for one reason or another, doctors look at me like I'm crazy for refusing narcotics while there. I also refuse prescriptions for narcotics/opioids...I just don't want them, they don't work. I tell them that I don't want the garbage in those pills that don't treat anything, I just want my medical marijuana - that actually provides me relief. They just assume that I'm either a current or recovering addict - which is an incorrect assumption.

First South Florida Medical Cannabis Oil Facility Opens

Florida's medical cannabis program is working at a snail's pace still, but is making progress. In South Florida, a facility to manufacture cannabis oil is fully operational. Local reporters in Florida got an inside look at the facility. 

No On-Site Use in Alaska Anytime Soon

The Alaskan Marijuana Board rejected a proposal that would allow adults over age 21 to buy and use marijuana on-site at licensed retail shops. Supporters of the proposal were hoping for its full support in an effort to increase both tourism and cannabis industry revenue. 

Human Rights Board Determine's Patient's Medical Cannabis Must Be Covered

So, this is pretty big news actually. A Nova Scotia man's medical cannabis has to be paid for by his insurer, a Halifax Human Rights Board determined. The amount the patient has spent and the balance of his most recent prescription must be paid for. It's expected to become a national trend in Canada very quickly. 

Jeff Sessions Continues to be Vague on Cannabis Industry Intentions

The only thing consistent about Jeff Sessions and cannabis is that his statements are inconsistent and vague. He needs to review the Cole Memo because he's unsure of all of the memo's inclusions. His adamant opposition of cannabis keeps the industry on edge. No one knows what he is going to do, but wrecking a multi-billion dollar industry is a task that may be too big of a fight and cost more than its worth. Besides, President Trump supports states' rights, job creation, industry and building local economies -- all things that the legal cannabis industry is already doing.

As always, clicking the titles will take you to the original stories if you'd like to read the full story. Leafist wishes you a relaxing weekend and safe Superbowl celebration! We'll see you again next Friday with the week's news. 

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