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A Guide to Knowing the Sex of your Cannabis Plant

Cannabis plants have genders but only one will give you something to harvest. What many people don’t know is that male plants don’t produce buds. Only about 50-percent of the cannabis seeds that come from a plant are female. Can you feminize seeds? Yes, you can, and we’ll go over that at the end of this guide.

When is the Gender of your Plant Noticed?

When your cannabis plant is roughly 6 weeks old, you’ll see some pre-flowers. Some plants, dependent on grow setup type and grow conditions, may take longer to show signs of gender. If you’ve had your plant in dirt for 2 months and you still don’t see any actual buds forming, it’s safe to say it’s a male plant.

Sexing your Cannabis Plants

You can determine the gender from pre-flowers. Pre-flowers are different in appearance. Male pre-flowers don’t develop buds or pistils, only pollen sacs. Female flowers will have white hairs where buds will form. You won’t see this in a male plant.

If you have a male plant, pistils will show green if they form. Female plants always have white pistils at the bud sites.  Male plants won’t produce buds, so if all else fails and your plant doesn’t make any flowers or buds, it’s a male. Dig it up, and start again.

Feminizing Seeds Yourself

So, how do you make your own feminized seeds? Start with two female plants. What you’ll also need is colloidal silver. Yes, big word, but it’s simply water with silver particles in it. It’s better to purchase it pre-made, but you can make it at home yourself too. The silver is an antagonist to the plant. Pollen balls are created that pollinate the plant.

When pollen sacs form, wait for them to swell and then remove them from the plant and store them. Use the dried pollen to pollinate other female plants. When your new cannabis plant is 2 to 3 weeks into flowering, literally paint the plant with feminized pollen. You’ll paint the branches of bud sites. Only buds that touch the pollen will produce seeds. If you want some seeds but mostly usable dry flower, only paint a few bud sites with the pollen.

Ensuring Seeds are Female

There is absolutely no way to determine if a seed is male or female just by looking at it. If you purchase seeds to grow your cannabis, make sure you’re purchasing from a well-known and respected seed bank. A seed bank that feminizes seeds is an ideal source.

Closing Words

See, growing cannabis isn’t as easy as sticking a seed in dirt and waiting a few months. If you don’t have the right gender, you’ll just have a nice, tall plant to look at. Now, if you’re brand new to growing, I do suggest using male seeds to perfect your soil, training and nutrient feeding techniques because you won’t ruin any actual usable cannabis doing so. When you’ve got your method down, you’re ready for female seeds and the extra steps required to care for your budding plant.

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