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A Few Tips for Getting Sparklier Cannabis Buds

As your cannabis buds develop, their trichomes also develop. Trichomes are what make your buds sparkle. In some cases, it makes the buds look like they’re covered in glitter. Trichomes contain both THC and other cannabinoid compounds. The make up of the genetics, combined with the amount of trichomes produced is what gives the strain its unique effects.

Trichome Color and Shape

Trichomes are important when it comes to harvest time. The shape and color of them give hints to growers when it’s getting close to or is harvest time. Harvesting too soon leaves you with a weak strain. Harvesting too late can give the effects a more relaxed or tired effect.

Immediately Usable

The goldish dust that comes from cannabis buds as you grind or process them is called kief. Kief doesn’t require a drying or curing process, so if trichomes fall off of your buds before they’re fully cured, no worries, go ahead and smoke it alone or sprinkle it in with another strain to intensify your effects.

Trichome Development Process

It’s important to know how trichomes develop on your cannabis plants and how they help you determine when to harvest. Immature trichomes are thin and clear, so you’ve got some time before harvest. These buds aren’t very potent and you’re more likely to end up with a headache. The harvest window starts with focusing on mental effects. When the trichomes form heads that resemble mushrooms and plump up, they should turn a milky-white color. THC levels and psychoactive effects increase as the trichomes turn to pure white.

Near the end of the harvest window, growers harvesting now are focusing on body effects. You’ll let the buds grow a bit longer after they turn white. You’ll start to notice a yellow or amber-like tint to the trichomes. At this point, THC is undergoing a conversion to become other cannabinoids. Once the mental effects are reduced, the trichomes become more amber in color.

If you wait too long, you’ll end up with heavy indica strains that make you sleepy. Now, some strains are meant to be indica strains, others can become an indica when the buds are past peak harvest time. If your trichomes are withering away (shriveling up), the buds are past peak harvest time. You’ll have to harvest now to protect any of the remaining mental effects but be ready for bed right after.

Get a Closer Look at Trichomes

It’s ideal to use a magnifying device like a jeweler’s loupe to inspect trichomes. They can be hard to see because they are so small. You’ll be able to observe the color and shape of the trichomes to determine where you are in the development stage. Check your plants every few days after they start flowering.

Closing Thoughts

The sparklier your cannabis buds are, the more impressive they are to patients and recreational users. While trichomes do add to the overall quality and potency of a cannabis strain, they also add to the appearance. It is important to check the color as it develops to ensure that you don’t miss that peak harvest window.

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