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Leafist Weekly Cannabis News Roundup - Issue 11

It's been both an exciting and stressful week in the cannabis world. Jeff Session was confirmed as our new AG and states you'd never thought any form of cannabis would be legal in are actually hearing bills. Cannabis reform seems to be on fire in the U.S. in 2017. But, it isn't just on fire here. Israel, Country of Georgia and Peru have all been working on cannabis law reform too. 

Here's what's happened this week. 

Medical Cannabis in States' Hands?

Republicans are known for strongly opposing cannabis legality of any kind, but not in California. Republican Dana Rohrabacher is proposing a brand new law - to put the fate or medical cannabis in the hands of individual states and take control away from the federal government. This is truly a pivotal moment for the cannabis industry. 

In a press release, MPP director of federal policies, Robert Capecchi said, "This is commonsense legislation that is long overdue. It is time to end marijuana prohibition at the federal level and give states the authority to determine their own policies.”

Legal Recreational Cannabis in Minnesota?

Minnesota lawmakers are working on bills that would legalize the adult use of cannabis. Legal recreational cannabis has great support from Representative Applebaum. He believes the Minnesota cannabis industry can be a great one. 

Applebaum said, "I envision an economy being created where cannabis products are grown by Minnesota farmers, transported by Minnesota carriers, and sold by Minnesota small businesses."

Nevada is Fast Tracking Recreational Cannabis

Nevada lawmakers are working to start issuing temporary recreational sales licenses to existing medical cannabis dispensaries by July 1st. Applications can be submitted in a few months - most likely in May when temporary rules are adopted. The licenses will be valid until either December 31 or 30 days after permanent rules are implemented - whichever comes first.

Wisconsin Senate Supports Cannabis Extracts Bill

While the bill isn't perfect, the Wisconsin Senate is passing a bill to allow the use of cannabis extracts to the Assembly. It passed the senate with overwhelming support in a vote of 31-1. It won't be legal to bring in the extracts from out-of-state but there are no provisions to produce the oils in state. Amendments to the current proposal may occur later to allow for in-state production.

Californians - Do you Know that Fed Laws can Still Get you in Trouble with Cannabis?

So, California - recreational cannabis is legal. But, there are still several ways that federal laws can impede your joy of legally using cannabis. For instance, those on Section 8 or government assistance cannot partake in using recreational cannabis. California veterans still can't legally use cannabis, regardless of the abundant proof that cannabis helps treat PTSD. Medical and recreational cannabis users cannot own firearms. The ATF says so. Some cannabis business owners are finding it difficult to obtain necessary services such as Internet, IT services and banking. 

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Please feel free to visit any of these stories by clicking the title. We hope you've had a productive week and wish you a relaxing weekend. We'll bring you another roundup of the week's news next Friday. 

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