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History of the Cannabis Cup

Have you ever wondered how the Cannabis Cup got started? It showcases the best of the best in the cannabis world. These awards are prestigious in the cannabis industry. This article will outline how it got started, why and how far it’s come since its inception.

The Beginning

The Cannabis Cup was founded in 1988 by Steven Hager. It is a way for cannabis cultivators and product manufacturers to showcase their products and compete against others in the industry for supremacy. All aspects of the cannabis industry are showcased, from plants to booth setups. Even glass and Nederhash are judged.

The Cannabis Cup is sponsored by High Times Magazine.

The Events

The Cannabis Cup doesn’t just showcase cannabis in its glory, it also includes educational seminars. These are ideal for educating the general public about cannabis from its history to its uses and everything in between.

The events include live music and a general expo regarding cannabis expos and information for those wanting to start cannabis businesses.

The judging takes place as a group of expert judges is compiled. The judges are not from one concentrated area, judges come from all parts of the world.

Some of the categories judged include:

  • Best Indica
  • Best Sativa
  • Best Hybrid
  • Best Nederhash
  • Best Imported Hash
  • Best New Product
  • Best Glass
  • Best Hash
  • Best Booth

Those are just some of the categories judged.  Event attendees can also vote for best glass, best products and best booth.

The Cannabis Cup requires that all cannabis products are tested to show their CBD and THC potencies. Those tests are conducted by independent testing facilities.

Branching Out

The Cannabis Cup may have originated in Amsterdam, but now, it’s global. Events are held in major U.S. cities throughout the year. Recreational cannabis isn’t the only thing celebrated, medical cannabis also given a fair amount of attention.

Michigan and Seattle have had successful Cannabis Cup events. Due to the increases in crowd sizes, the cup often has difficulties getting venue approvals.

Some Cannabis Cup events are held in:

  • Northern and Southern California
  • Las Vegas
  • Jamaica
  • U.S. Midwest
  • Portland
  • Rhode Island
  • Colorado

This is just a brief list to give you an idea of how far the event has come in a few decades.

Counterculture Hall of Fame

To further highlight those that have helped shape the cannabis industry, the Counterculture Hall of Fame was created in 1997. Steve Hager was inducted in 2012. Bob Marley was one of the first, as he was inducted in 1997. Other members of this prestigious club include Jack Herer, Tommy Chong, Peter Tosh and Louis Armstrong.

Closing Thoughts

If you have never attended Cannabis Cup festivities, it is worth the trip. The event is full of information, products and others with similar beliefs. It really is a great time. There are many aspects of the cannabis industry that aren’t discussed much in public, so attending an event like this is an eye-opening experience. If you haven’t had much experience with cannabis in general, you’re likely to leave the event enlightened and educated.

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