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Leafist Weekly Cannabis News Roundup - Issue 12

Happy Friday everyone! We hope you've all had a productive week and are looking forward to your weekend plans. It's been another roller coaster ride for the cannabis industry this week. 

Here's a quick look at what's happened around the country in the cannabis world. 

Arizona PAC Files 2018 Voter Initiative

Safer Arizona filed an initiative on February 16 to end cannabis prohibition in Arizona. All penalties regarding cannabis would be removed and gun ownership would be allowed. The PAC needs 152,000 valid voter signatures on their petitions by July 2018 for the measure to be on November 2018 ballots. 

Author's Note: This initiative is in my own state, I don't support it. Not because I don't want prohibition ended, but because it's the absolute wrong approach and will cause more problems than solutions. Please read their entire initiative at - you'll notice that there are no possession limits mentioned and a 48-plant homegrow limit - this far surpasses what medical cannabis patients would have access to as we'd still have possession and homegrow limits. We're only allowed to grow at home now if we live 25 miles or more from a dispensary. I want legal recreational cannabis, but not this way - regulating cannabis works as several other states have demonstrated well. 

In Harris County, Texas, Marijuana Decriminalization Law Goes Into Effect March 1

District Attorney Ogg announced yesterday that effective March 1, possession of 4-ounces or less of marijuana is no longer a criminal offense. Law enforcement has the authority to determine who gets arrested and who gets sent to take the required drug education course in lieu of prosecution. Law enforcement is also responsible for following up to make sure the class is attended. 

Colorado Considers Cannabis Social Clubs

The State of Colorado is talking about allowing cannabis social clubs. This would give tourists a place to use marijuana without being on public streets and sidewalks. Some worry that the feds will crack down on these clubs and stir up more trouble than its worth. 

Oregon Considers Medical and Recreational Cannabis Consolidation

Oregon's medical and recreational cannabis programs are run by two different agencies. The Oregon Liquor Control Commission is likely to take over the medical cannabis program to provide consistency and continuity between both programs. 

Lawmakers Say Feds Should Leave Cannabis Alone

Since Jeff Sessions is now our AG, the cannabis world has been up-in-arms over it. So many are worried that he will undo all of the progress that's been made in this industry. Some lawmakers, like Washington State Governor Jay Inslee say he should just leave it alone and not crackdown on legally operating businesses in a multi-billion dollar industry. 

Georgia is Taking Steps Backwards

Georgia passes a bill to reduce the THC content in cannabis oil. It was a 5-percent THC limit, now it's been decreased to 3-percent. The "Bible Belt" of the country is pretty stubborn when it comes to cannabis. This is a step in the wrong direction and will leave many pediatric and adult patients without sufficient relief.

Massachusetts Cannabis Panel Considers Changes to Approved Law

Before recreational cannabis shops open, lawmakers in Massachusetts are considering some changes to the law. Most are to safeguard the public and ensure that compliance is a priority. These changes shouldn't further delay the opening of recreational cannabis shops. 

California is Working on Allowing Cannabis Trademarks

It's impossible to get a cannabis product trademarked federally due to it's Schedule I status. California lawmakers are trying to change that. Secretaries of state can issue trademarks on the state level, but can only do so after a federal trademark is granted. Thousands are hoping that Assembly Bill 64 passes.

South Carolina Cops Still Won't Support Medical Cannabis

This really is a "C'mon man!" moment. Here's what one law enforcement official had to say, "There's not a dosage that comes with this and says 'this amount of marijuana makes you too high to function, this amount of marijuana makes you too high to drive,' We don't know.There's entirely too much that we don't know about this that makes it dangerous for us to come up and say its okay to use."

This is just pure ignorance to me - have they not read a single study, data from other states or picked up a single newspaper in the last several years? It's time to get with it - apparently these law enforcement officials have forgotten that OTC aspirin can kill you in an overdose situation - cannabis still can't kill you. 

Polls Show Increased Support for Medical Cannabis in Iowa

This may be one of the most impressive poll results I've personally seen in several years. In Iowa 80-percent support legalizing medical cannabis. This is a higher number than Florida, whose voters supported and approved medical cannabis by 71-percent. They aren't so open to recreational cannabis though, only 39-percent said they'd vote to legalize recreational cannabis. However, medical is a great start!

Well, that's the ups and downs of the cannabis world this week. Remember, click any title to read the full, original stories. Have a wonderful weekend! If you're on the west coast, we wish you a safe weekend with all of the weather coming in - prepare in advance and be safe! We'll see you again next Friday with another Leafist Weekly Cannabis News Roundup. 

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