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Setting Up your Grow for Perpetual Harvesting

Setting up your grow for perpetual harvesting takes time, patience and practice. You need to develop a rhythm that works for you so that you always have plants in the flowering and vegetative states. Some call this staggered cultivation, which ensures that you always have cannabis ready when you need it to be.

This simple guide will help you get your perpetual harvest grow well on its way to being successful.

Why Perpetual Harvests?

You may come across an issue while growing. In the event that you lose some plants, you still have more with just a few weeks to go. Yes, it’s a setback, but just a minor one. Most issues are preventable and many are fixable. However, in the event that you do suffer a loss of plants, you have a backup available.

Grow Spaces

For perpetual harvests, every set of plants needs to be planted in a separate space. This means that if you use tents, each set of plants will have to have a separate tent. If you use a room, you’ll want to group the plants at one stage together and separate them as best you can. Separate areas is ideal because the vegetative stage and vegetative stage require different environments.

In addition to separate spaces, you’ll need separate sets of lights and fans. The requirement for more space and equipment will also raise your electric bill. It is ideal to use the most energy efficient equipment you can afford.

Now, you can have one grow for more mature plants and one for vegetative stage plants. This does make it a little easier. Just make sure you label all of your plants and try to keep strains together.


Ventilation and Air Filtration

These are two very important parts of your operation. Since you will always have cannabis growing in your home, you need to make sure the smell doesn’t take over the neighborhood. Make sure to use strong, carbon filters in your ventilation system. Change the filters regularly. It is ideal to keep the air circulating in the space and have more than one filter for the aroma to go through before exiting your grow.

You can also safeguard the space with a backup of Ona gel. You can put Ona gel in the other rooms of your home, but not in the grow. It will help rid any spaces in your home of cannabis odor.

Climate Control

It really is important to control the climate in each grow space. You cannot have the same environment for vegetative and flowering plants. Your cannabis plants are more sensitive to heat during the flowering stage. It is ideal to have two separate spaces in your home simply because of the climate needs that your cannabis plants have.

Closing Thoughts

When you decide to take on a perpetual harvest grow, start with growing just a couple cannabis plants and write down their growth timeline. This helps you see how long it is from plant to harvest so that you can properly stagger the planting of more immature plants or seeds. Perpetual harvests are ideal for caregivers, dispensary suppliers and home growers with severe medical needs. A constant supply is always a good thing.

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