Which Method of Marijuana Consumption is Right for You?

by Cedric JacksonMay 24, 2019

There are several ways to use cannabis, and you may find that combining a couple of methods throughout the day works for you. It is important to try new methods on their own and not in combination with another method.

Give your body a chance to experience the effects provided by each method before using more cannabis.

Here are the most popular methods of using cannabis:


Using dry cannabis flower, you can smoke cannabis in a pipe, bong, blunt or in a joint. It helps to use a grinder as not all strains dry to finger-crumbling consistency. You also get a more even grind so that your flower doesn’t burn up fast.


CBD topicals work well for inflammation reduction. The relief is nearly instant. Try to use these at home since some do have strong aromas of the other compounds used to make the topical. Most are combined into bees wax with essential oils to promote relaxation and muscle release. 


Tinctures are essentially cannabis oil combined with alcohol. To use tinctures, you use a dropper and place drops under your tongue. It’s best to start out with 1mL first and see how you feel. 


With edibles, you have to be careful. You must remember that you will not feel any effects until your body starts digesting the product, which is usually 45 minutes to an hour after consumption. At first, you may feel strong effects that can leave you feeling a little confused or dizzy. Give yourself some time and just relax. Have a glass of water and relax your whole body.

It is not ideal to smoke cannabis 30 minutes after eating an edible because the effects of some strains do last a long time. The combining effects can be too much and can make you feel nauseated.

If you find the effects of edibles are too strong for you, cut your portion in half. 


Vape pens, new inhalers and dry herb vaporizers are becoming more popular. Vape pens can be taken almost anywhere since there really is no smell. Dry herb vaporizers have heat settings so that you get the most out of your dry flower and don’t just burn it up and not have enough medicine or recreational enjoyment from it.


Dabbing is something else to be careful with. Was (concentrate), shatter and crumble are the most popular forms of cannabis concentrate for dabbing. With these, you heat a glass pin and place it into the device. The dabbing material is placed onto a poker (typically a metal or glass stick-like pen), and placed onto the hot pin. You’ll inhale all of the vapor and hold it as long as you can.

Be forewarned, you will cough your head off until you’re used to the product. These are pure THC products and are much stronger than cannabis flower, edibles and vaping. Start very small when you’re new to dabbing. 

One last thing

Try a couple methods of cannabis consumption to see what you enjoy the most. There is nothing wrong with using all methods, as long as you’re not combining them because that is what creates bad experiences.

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