Arctic Blue

A strain derived from two blueberry parents, this bud is a sweet treat
About Arctic Blue

Developed by Arctic Blue Farms, this bud is a sweet indica-dominant hybrid.

This strain was derived from DJ Short's Blueberry and another unknown Blueberry strain.

These buds have a sweet and pungent blueberry aroma, and users of this strain report a full-body relaxing buzz that can sometimes lead to couch lock.

Patients who are treating sleeping disorders, chronic pain, anxiety, and depression may find this strain to provide relief.

1 Review
5 months ago
Arctic Blue is a Indica Dominant strain with long frosty green and blueish buds with a few bright orange "hairs" covered by short creamy trichomes with a peppery berry smell. Its' effects leaves the user very relaxed as the mind becomes very drowsy and the body sedated and lazy. Arctic Blue is a hard one to find but totally worth the wait.
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