A Canadian bud loved for its calm and relaxing effect
About Bedica

This Canadian indica-dominant hybrid strain developed by Bedrocan is rumored to be related to the Kush cannabis strain but no one is quite sure.

Generally, this strain produces a focused and happy high that is accompanied by a full-body relieving medicated feeling, and as this strain usually tests above 15% this potent bud can be trusted to provide a satisfying high.

Nugs of Bedica are a deep green, covered in shimmering trichomes, and have the typical kushy aroma and, because of this strain's high potency of the terpene Myrcene, it has a sweet-and-spicy taste upon exhaling.

1 Review
5 months ago
Bedica, a strong Indica strain that is for sure to leave you eating everything in the kitchen. Its' buds are fluffy and covered with fire color "hairs" dripping with THC. Bedica carries a sweet earthy taste, and its' high leaves the mind and body very calm and happy, but very, very hungry. Patients suffering from loss of appetite and insomnia are welcome to try this strain.
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