Birthday Cake Kush

The quintessential birthday bud, light this Cake up and celebrate
About Birthday Cake Kush

A delectable derivative of Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie, Birthday Cake Kush is the quintessential birthday bud, delivering potent indica-dominant effect with a sweet birthday cake flavor.

This strain generally tests above 23% THC, and patients report that its effects provide a relaxing and sedative body effect while leaving its user feeling euphoric and sociable.

Buds of this sweet strain are large, round in size, pale green with orange-peach pistils and a distinct pungent vanilla aroma and flavor.

1 Review
2 months ago
A must have if you love cake!! Birthday Cake Kush taste and smells like a creamy Vanilla Ice Cream Cake. This well balanced Hybrid energizes the body and frees the mind. Leaving you ready to the task at hand. But don't just seat around when smoking BCK, its' indica side will "couch lock" you for yours.
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