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Black Widow

Black Widow

The younger, even more potent sibling of the world-famous White Widow


About Black Widow

This strain is a sister of the famous strain White Widow developed by the talented breeder Shantibaba who retooled the genetics of White Widow when he left Green House Seeds and began working with Mr. Nice Seeds.

Because Shantibaba is the true father of this strain as well as the only one to know the precise heritage of this world renowned strain, Black Widow is considered the 'true' variety of White Widow.

This strain definitely deserves the title, as its potency regularly tests above 26% THC and its powerful effect is rumored to be incredibly sedative, relaxing, and full of laughter.

Since this strain is so incredibly potent, it is often too much for novice or low-tolerance cannabis users, but Black Widow is perfectly suited for those who are looking for tremendous pain and stress relief.