Blob OG

A Blend of Chemdawg and Diesel, this weed is much more unique than its name implies
About Blob OG

Allegedly developed in Washington, Blob OG is a sativa-dominant blend of Pre-99 Chemdawg and Diesel.

This bud produces a very intense cerebral effect that calms the body while leaving its user feeling very sociable, talkative, and happy.

Blob OG's buds are medium in size and popcorn-shaped, they are a deep but very bright forest green and have a layer of crystal trichomes all over, and because this strain generally tests around 30% you can be sure that it is an extremely effective medication.

If you are looking for a strain that won't make you feel sedated and sucked into the couch and that is great for hanging out with friends, this might be the strain for you.

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