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Blue Crack

With parents like Blue Dream and Green Crack, it's no wonder this strain is so uplifting


About Blue Crack

Blue Crack is the phenomenal hybrid of two world-famous marijuana strains, Blue Dream and Green Crack.

These insanely potent sativa-leaning strains are each well-renowned for their uplifting cerebral highs, but combined they have exceeded all expectations.

Blue Crack's effect begins by making its user feel euphoric and focused, ready for productivity.

It also relaxes the mind and body, soothing pain as well as stress and depression.

Because of these energetic traits, Green Crack is an excellent choice for an all-day medication.

This strain's buds are dense spade-shaped nuggets that can be small or medium in size, and they are usually littered with a lot of neon orange pistils and crystalline trichomes.