Blue Knight

A blend of Blueberry and Kryptonite, Blue Knight is a gorgeous bud that can definitely soothe what ails you
About Blue Knight

Blue Knight is a phenomenal combination of the beloved strains Blueberry and Kryptonite.

These indica-dominant buds look totally unique, as their deep indigo leaves are covered in a fluffy coating of iridescent trichomes that make the bud look like it's glowing, making each nug look just like Kryptonite.

And, these buds are insanely potent; this strain has been known to test up to 26% THC, making it an extremely potent medicine that can be too strong for cannabis users who have a low THC tolerance.

Patients who use this strain report that it provides a very sedative and restful body high, that fully calms the mind as well. A perfect strain for sleep, relaxation, and meditation, Blue Knight might be just what you need.

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