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Blue Sonja

Blue Sonja

A potent and adaptable strain with a smooth, old-school flavor and clear-headed effects.


About Blue Sonja

Blue Sonja is a strong sativa-dominant descendent of Block Head named after the breeder's mother-in-law. It was developed from a single female plant found in a pack of seeds, and subsequently pollinated with a "thick, hardy, aromatic" male plant to produce the F2 generation.

This strain has a familiar, old-school taste with light blueberry and smooth herbal undertones.

It's known for its potent effects, providing relief from various conditions including anxiety and depression. It has a cerebral, clear-headed high that can promote deep thought and clarity.

Growers of Blue Sonja will find that it's a relatively simple strain to grow due to its adaptability and hardiness, along with ability to withstand heat.