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Blue Thai

A hybrid of the potent indica Blueberry and the quick-growing Thai Skunk, this sweet bud is incredibly satisfying


About Blue Thai

Blue Thai is a cross of Blueberry and Thai Skunk that is described by patients as delivering an energetic and clear-headed high alongside a satisfying body buzz.

Because of this strain's fast-growing Thai Skunk heritage, this bud flowers around 8 weeks.

This strain has tested above 21% THC, and its potent buds are quite big, have leaves that are a mix of pale and bright forest green, a smattering of rust-colored pistils, and the entire surface of these blueberry-scented buds are covered in a light dusting of shimmering trichomes.

This strain may provide relief from symptoms of chronic pain conditions, depression, anxiety, nausea, migraines, and fatigue.