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Blueberry Headband

Blueberry Headband

This yummy headband hybrid delivers a divine effect


About Blueberry Headband

A blend of two potent West Coast favorites (Blueberry and Headband), this indica-dominant hybrid provides its patients with an energetic cerebral effect and a somewhat sedative body effect.

Due to this strain's Headband lineage, this strain also delivers the unique feeling of a tight 'headband' around your head, leaving you feeling tension or pressure at your temples.

Some patients find this effect gives them headaches or makes them feel dizzy while others find it very stimulating, so be sure to start slow with this potent bud.

This strain's buds are a dark forest green, but the gracious coating of trichomes along the entire surface of these buds make them look frosty white, and the blueberry and lemon aroma of this bud is totally divine.