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Brooklyn Mango

Brooklyn Mango

Combining two NYC favorites, Brooklyn Mango tastes like a smoothie and will energize you to your core


About Brooklyn Mango

Reigning from NYC, this beautiful sativa-dominant hybrid is a cross of Ed Rosenthal Super Bud and NYC Diesel.

This strain provides stimulating mental effects, leaving its users feeling uplifted, aroused, and very energetic, perfect for physical activity, creative pursuits, or personal projects.

The flavor of Brooklyn Mango is simply to die for, as it blends fruity flavors like apple, citrus, grape, and, of course, mango into a tangy tropical smoothie that has a slight diesel twist upon exhale.

The fluffy round buds of Brooklyn Mango are mint green and dotted with long rust-colored pistils, and a frost of potent trichomes has covered the entire surface of each and every bud.