Bruce Banner


The alter-ego of the Hulk is the real superhero here, soothing all stress, aches, and pains in one punch

About Bruce Banner

Named for the alter-ego of famed superhero The Hulk, Bruce Banner is a strong, uplifting sativa dominant hybrid that will calm even the most villainous of problems.

This strain's high THC content has topped 28% in some tests and has tested up to 8% uniquely medically beneficial terpenes like Linalool, Caryophyllene, Humulene, and alpha-Pinene.

Likely due to its high proportion of Linalool, Bruce Banner's buds have a sweet and earthy floral berry flavor, with an earthy aroma.

Patients love Bruce Banner's sheer strength, as it knocks out stress, pain, and tension quickly and pleasurably.

Although this strain can provide great relief for many symptoms, it is not recommended to be used by cannabis users who have a low tolerance for THC, as it may be too strong and cause paranoia or dizziness.

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