Cannalope Kush

With fresh tropical flavor and an uplifting boost, Cannalope Kush is like the perfect smoothie to start your day


About Cannalope Kush

This sativa-dominant hybrid of The OG #18 and Cannalope Haze was developed by DNA Genetics Seeds is considered one of the most fun sativa strains to grow, as it produces an extremely high yield of flowers in a short period of time regardless of whether it's grown indoors or outdoors.

Each beautiful bud of this strain looks like a sparkling deep teal and eggplant-colored gem due to the fine dusting of shimmering trichomes that coats the entire surface of every tropically scented bud.

Generally, this strain tests between 16-22% THC, depending on the conditions of its grow, and patients love Cannalope Kush's superbly uplifting, energizing, and pain-relieving high.

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