A fragrant and flavorful strain, famed for its ability to relieve whatever ails you
About Caramelicious

Caramelicious is a sticky, delicious indica-dominant hybrid that was allegedly created by combining Afghan Kush with Maple Leaf Indica.

Whatever this beautiful plant's heritage, Caramelicious is beloved for its high THC content (usually around 18-22%), as well as its clear-headed uplifting mood-shift and ability to relieve any stress, discomfort, or pain throughout the body.

Alongside Caramelicious' desirable effects is it's delicious taste as it blends sweet caramel, vanilla, and coffee flavors together into a full-bodied flavor, not unlike a yummy caramel-flavored latte.

As soon as you grind up this fragrant strain you will see how sticky and resinous these flowers are, making this potent strain perfect for refining into wax, hash, or any other desired cannabis concentrate.

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