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Chemdawg 4

Possibly the best phenotype of the beloved Chemdawg, this indica-dominant bud will shock you


About Chemdawg 4

Chemdawg 4 is an indica-dominant phenotype of the original Chemdawg strain. Much like its parent strain, Chemdawg 4 has a buzzy and stimulating head high.

However, unlike Chemdawg, this head buzz travels throughout your body, leading to a slightly sedative and arousing high, perfect for a night out or in.

If you are looking to grow, Chemdawg 4 might be the right choice, as its plants grow to five feet in about 10 weeks and produce a big yield of chunky buds that generally test around 15% THC.

These dense flowers are usually deep sea green in color and dotted with potent tangerine pistils; the earthy bright citrus aroma coming from each of these beautiful buds is incredibly alluring.