Chocolate Diesel

Energizing and stimulating, Chocolate Diesel is a strain for adventure
About Chocolate Diesel

Chocolate Diesel blends Chocolate Thai with Sour Diesel to create a highly euphoric sativa-dominant strain. Patients report that Chocolate Diesel is very cerebrally stimulating and that it energizes the body with a tingling buzz.

A skunky and slightly chocolatey diesel aroma wafts from these dense buds, each with calyxes of bright green with tangerine pistils and a coating of chunky trichomes.

This strain's energizing effects may relieve some symptoms of fatigue, depression, and chronic pain conditions.

1 Review
6 months ago
Chocolate Diesel is a powerful sativa strain that shouldn't be taken lightly. Buds are usually dark green and purple colors and are a bit soft at touch. Chocolate Diesel's high is mainly felt in the head by a small pressure by eyes. Its' high is long lasting and perfect for users looking for pain relief while staying active.
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