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Chocolate Hashberry

A decadent strain that delivers full-body pain relief


About Chocolate Hashberry

Chocolate Hashberry is a strain developed by Purple Caper Seeds that is a cross Chocolate Kush with Blackberry Kush. One of the most notable features of this strain is its decadent chocolate aroma with a distinct taste of berries and hash-like spice.

The round, grass green buds of this strain have chunky calyxes that are dusted with a ton of chunky trichomes, so it's no wonder this strain has been shown to test over 23% THC.

Patients who have tried Chocolate Hashberry say that it subdues physical pain while relieving stress with a totally engrossing calming effect.

It should also be noted that this bud is well-renowned for its ability to make patients extremely hungry, which may help patients who are dealing with appetite loss from eating disorders or other illnesses.