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Cinderella's Dream

Cinderella's Dream will send you into a dreamy haze


About Cinderella's Dream

This sativa-dominant bud is a blend of Blue Dream and Cinderella 99. Even though this bud has a feminine name, don't discount her strength; Cinderella's Dream regularly tests around 20% THC.

This strain is renowned for its extremely stimulating, psychoactive head high, and rumors say that, when used in excess, this strain can produce vivid hallucinations, not unlike a waking dream.

Because of these interesting traits, Cinderella's Dream may not be suitable for patients who have anxiety or other mental illnesses and is likely to be overwhelming for those who have a low tolerance for THC.

For cannabis enthusiasts who are seeking a one-of-a-kind cerebral experience, Cinderella's Dream will leave you dreaming.

Buds of Cinderella's Dream have a particularly skunky smell, muted by the sweet fragrance of lemon and berries, and usually, have a smaller popcorn-ball structure and are a vibrant bright green color.