Colorado Bubba

An award-winning hybrid that delivers bliss
About Colorado Bubba

Clearly hailing from beautiful Colorado, Colorado Bubba was created when Vault Genetics combined Bubba Kush with Skywalker.

What resulted would become the gold medal winner for Best Indica in the 2014 High Times' Amsterdam Cannabis Cup.

Patients have described Colorado Bubba as producing a blissful mood-altering effect that extends throughout the body and soothes stress, tension, and pain.

Buds of this cannabis strain are huge, with chunky calyxes, fine sparkling trichomes, spiraled peach-colored pistils, and a spicy nutty aroma that smells like a forest full of pine trees.

This strain's effects may help alleviate some symptoms of insomnia, chronic pain conditions, appetite loss, anxiety, and depression.

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