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Cotton Purple Chem

A hybrid strain with an interesting aroma and a stimulating high


About Cotton Purple Chem

A frosty and fragrant bud known for its high potency, Cotton Purple Chem is allegedly a combination of Purple Cotton Candy and Chemdawg, though the specifics of its heritage have been kept secret by its breeders, Hesperide's Garden.

This strain was also the "People's Choice" champion in Seattle's 2015 Dope Cup.

Patients who use Cotton Purple Chem enjoy its uplifting and stimulating high, that calms racing thoughts and allows for complete focus.

Buds of Cotton Purple Chem are said to have a chemical smell, though the sweeter notes of fruity berries mellow the flavor substantially.

These buds are a desaturated green color with a hefty frost of potent trichomes, which generally make this strain test above 20% THC.