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Dank Schrader

A fan favorite strain that pays homage to one of TV's greatest DEA agents


About Dank Schrader

Born and bred in Vancouver, BC, Dank Schrader is The Healing Center's own house strain named for DEA agent and brother-in-law Hank Schrader from Breaking Bad.

Dank Schrader is, appropriately enough, a blend of Rockstar Kush and Bubba Kush known for the full-body relaxation it delivers.

And, oh boy, does this strain deliver! Patients love this bud's fully relaxing effects, as it keeps its user in a tranquil state of happy, friendly relaxation that then fades into a sleepy sedative feeling that is quite hard to ignore.

Buds of Dank Schrader have been described as fluffy and medium in size, and these beautiful nuggets are coated with bright orange pistils and a golden coat of potent trichomes; the smell of this strain is earthy with hints of fragrant fresh pine.