Danky Doodle


Ridiculously oversized buds make this strain a serious contender

About Danky Doodle

Originally named Double D for the rather large size of its buds, Danky Doodle was bred by Holland's own KC Brains as a combination of Viking and KC 639.

Danky Doodle isn't just popular for its gigantic nugs and extremely high yield, though, this strain is well-loved by patients for the pain-relieving body buzz it delivers and the staunchly euphoric cerebral side of this beautiful strain.

As mentioned previously, the high yield of big beautiful buds from this plant makes it very desirable to growers, as well as its fast-growing nature (usually flowering in under 10 weeks) and the potency of terpenes like Linalool, Humulene, and Caryophyllene that give these oversized buds their deliciously sweet and pungent aroma.

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