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Deadhead OG

Named in honor of the Grateful Dead, this new classic is bound to satisfy


About Deadhead OG

Deadhead OG, produced by The Cali Connection, has quickly become one of the west coast's favorite hybrids, combining SFV OG Kush with Chemdawg 91 into totally uplifting bud.

This strain's flowers are sage green and covered with a fur of tangerine-colored pistils and chunky trichomes, and these buds have a pungent aroma that tastes quite spicy as it hits your tongue.

Cannabis patients enjoy Deadhead OG because it delivers a long-lasting body high, leaving its user totally relieved of pain and in a euphoric state of mind.

Because this strain has been shown to have an extremely high level of THC (usually between 24-28%), the medicative effects of this strain may be overwhelmingly strong for new cannabis users or anyone who has a low tolerance for cannabis.