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Diesel Duff

A new descendent of Sour Diesel that only seems to improve on the classic strain


About Diesel Duff

Diesel Duff is said to be a descendent of the world-famous Sour Diesel strain, though nobody quite knows what strain it was bred with to get this uplifting hybrid.

Those who have used Diesel Duff describe the strain as energetic and uplifting, with a calming mind and body effect that makes this strain perfect for working on personal projects, especially creative ones.

These traits make this strain a good choice for patients who need to medicate during the day, as it does not have much of a sedative effect to speak of, though it is great at relieving pain.

Buds of this strain have a skunky, floral smell with hints of honey, and the colors of these chunky nugs range everywhere from deep violet to light green.