With equal parts THC and CBD, Dieseltonic is an extremely effective strain
About Dieseltonic

Dieseltonic is a high-CBD strain that was developed by Spanish breeders Resin Seeds.

This strain is the result of a blend of Cannatonic, a strain that has legendary levels of CBD, and the incredibly popular strain NYC Diesel.

This strain tends to have equal proportions of CBD and THC content, usually between 3-7% of each.

Patients use Dieseltonic for the clear-headed euphoric head effect this strain provides, as well as this strain's prowess at relieving pain, stress, and anxiety.

Bright green chunky buds are laced with curling grapefruit-colored pistils and a dew of potent trichomes, which give Dieseltonic its citrus and diesel aroma.

1 Review
5 months ago
Since I'm a huge fan of sour diesel, anything with the name "Diesel" in it, typically catches my eye. Dieseltonic is a high CBD strain, but contains equal parts of THC and CBD. Has that familiar diesel smell which undertones of orange (citrus). Not too intense due, so it's definitely a good strain for beginners.
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