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Do-Si-Dos is a hybrid of Girl Scout Cookies and Face/Off that is unmatched in potency and effect.


About Do-Si-Dos

Do-Si-Dos is an indica-dominant hybrid that resulted when Girl Scout Cookies was bred with Face Off OG. It is considered a 50 percent hybrid.

Do-Si-Dos has tested above 29 percent THC, so you can be sure that this will be a potent medication. The average is usually between 19-30 percent. In contrast, the CBD content is almost zero, something to keep in mind.


This strain's buds are stupendously colorful, with calyxes in hues of deep eggplant and sage of forest green and a host of rusty orange pistils, all coated with the dust of chunky white trichomes. That deep eggplant purple is not always present in the leaves. It arises when anthocyanins, a type of pigment found in the strain's genetics, are activated by the cold as they grow.

The buds themselves are small, sticking together in small clusters that resemble popcorn. As expected from a strain with indica roots, Do-Si-Dos has dense flower structures, including small leaves that tightly curl inward toward the central stems.


Do-Si-Dos delivers a completely sedative effect that soothes the body while uplifting the mind. Most people experience happiness, sleepiness, and sedation when smoking Do-Si-Dos.

Its relaxing effects may relieve some aspects of insomnia, chronic pain conditions like arthritis and migraines as well as anxiety, nausea, and stress. Those using medical cannabis can appreciate the analgesic effects on pain and aches, which work on chronic or temporary conditions. You may experience relief on conditions such as lupus, arthritis, or injuries. The anti-inflammatory properties of Do-Si-Dos can help with nausea and headaches. The calming effects can help provide temporary relief from depression and stress.

The effects of Do-Si-Dos tend to last longer than the typical marijuana strain. You will likely notice an increase in your cerebral functioning at the same time that your upper face starts to tingle.

Smoking Do-Si-Dos can help your thoughts flow and assist with your concentration on analytical or task-based work. It is also great for creativity, especially when brainstorming. You will not feel too buzzed thanks to the calming body high that occurs simultaneously.

Those who smoke this strain typically notice progressive relaxation spreading throughout their core and limbs. This is great for relaxing with music or a drink. The vibe from Do-So-Dos can also be social, leading to laughs and great conversation.

Because Do-Si-Dos provides physical and mental stimulation simultaneously, many smokers appreciate its effect during activities that require full-body coordination. This may include dancing or exercising. In certain settings, it even applies to sex.

Keep in mind that as you increase the dosage or the "high" advances further, there is an increased risk of couch lock. The way that Do-Si-Dos ends in immobilizing calm makes it ideal for smoking in the early evening or late afternoon when you will not have any commitments after the "high" advances to the couch lock stage.

Aroma and Flavor

This strain gives off a pungent earthy aroma that tastes like a tray of sweet, fresh-baked cookies. The smell from the flowers is overly sweet, almost to the point of fermentation. That earthy aroma comes up in undertones. When you grind the buds, you will notice some of the skunk smell that Do-Si-Dos inherits from its OG Kush lineage.

When you combust Do-Si-Dos, expect an acrid, harsh smoke. The smoke tastes skunky yet fruity when you exhale. Discreetness and Do-Si-Dos do not usually go together as the pungency of this strain can travel far.

Other Useful Information

Those familiar with Do-Si-Dos say that the best time to use it will be the afternoon. This way, you will not find yourself couch-locked with important things to do.

You should consider using a different strain of marijuana if you have a low THC tolerance or are prone to paranoia or panic. This is a result of the recursive thinking inspired in the early stages of the Do-Si-Dos "high."