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Dogwalker OG

A euphoric and potent strain known for its versatility


About Dogwalker OG

This combination of favorite strains Chemdawg 91 and Albert Walker OG is well-known for being a stimulating and potent hybrid strain, as this bud has tested above 17% THC.

This strain is extremely pain relieving and relaxing, but is also superbly uplifting for the mind, as Dogwalker OG produces a pronounced state of euphoria.

These traits make Dogwalker OG an appropriate strain for any time of day, though when this bud it used in excess is can be very sedative.

This strain's bright green buds are made even lighter as their entire surface is covered in a dew of shimmering trichomes, and when you break apart these buds you will see the sticky resin inside and immediately smell this strain's unique woody aroma.