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Dopium potently blends Chemdawg with Sour Diesel to create this seriously effective sativa-dominant bud


About Dopium

Combining the words dope and opium, Dopium is a near-narcotic hybrid strain that seamlessly blends the well-known strains Chemdawg and Sour Diesel.

Dopium is a strain beloved for its exceedingly effective body buzz that knocks out pain anywhere within the body, meanwhile providing its patient with an uplifting and stimulating cerebral shift that makes this strain such a pleasure to use.

This strain received its parents' aromas, blending refreshing pine with spicy diesel for a severely shocking smell.

Each of Dopium's deep green buds is dripping with a dew of potent trichomes and a host of deep rust-colored pistils.

Dopium is rumored to be a fairly high-potency strain, so it may be best for users who are new to using cannabis or have a low tolerance to start slowly with this strain.