Double OG

A doubly potent strain said to provide unmatched pain relief
About Double OG

Double OG seamlessly blends Big Bud Afgoo with SFV OG to create a dangerously potent indica-dominant bud.

Double OG's effects are rumored to be near-narcotic, and as this strain has been proven to have proportions of THC between 17-22% THC it's no wonder why.

Those who have used this strain enjoy the sedative effects it provides, as well as its completely calming head effect that is perfect for use just before bed.

This strain produces bright green buds that are intensely dense, and each has a fine coating of trichomes that lend this strain its potency.

1 Review
5 months ago
An almost full Indica, Double OG is not for first timers. Its' effects can be felt very heavily between the eyes, leaving the user "couch locked" but very giggly while becoming sedating and sleepy. This Strain tastes very citric with a Diesel smell.
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