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Double OG

A doubly potent strain said to provide unmatched pain relief


About Double OG

Double OG seamlessly blends Big Bud Afgoo with SFV OG to create a dangerously potent indica-dominant bud. The name of Double OG likely comes from the fact that it has Afghani in two spots of its background, as both Big Bud and Afgoo have that strain in their parentage.


Double OG's effects are rumored to be near-narcotic, and as this strain has been proven to have proportions of THC between 17-22 percent, it's no wonder why. It can be as potent as 26 percent THC.


Those who have used this strain enjoy the sedative effects it provides, as well as its utterly calming head effect that is perfect for use just before bed. In addition to its sedative effects, users of Double OG also praise it for its boost to creativity and euphoric results. Some people also use Double OG to help with pain, depression, and insomnia.

Compared to other strains, Double OG can take a bit for you to start noticing its effects, as you may have to wait 15 minutes. You will likely first see a pulse in your temples as well as by your eyes and your head feeling heavy.

That weighted feeling will quickly spread down your neck before going to your core and out to the limbs. If you were standing when you smoked your Double OG, you would likely find yourself wanting to take a seat.

After a bit, you will start to get used to the physical effects of Double OG, which is when you will likely begin noticing mental changes. Some people experience strong time dilation or distorted depth perception. You can further enhance those effects with the right music.

Many people who use Double OG want to take advantage of the body high, not necessarily the mental effects. The pervasive nature of the body high means that muscular tension will relax in most cases. Use the laid-back feeling to enjoy binge-watching or talking with friends.

The sedative effects of Double OG also make it popular for specific medical marijuana purposes, including helping physical pain, stress, anxiety, and depression, as well as insomnia.


This strain produces bright green buds that are intensely dense, and each has a fine coating of trichomes that lend this strain its potency. The flowers of Double OG are likely to impress users, as they tend to be jumbo-sized, or at least substantial, something that the strain likely gets from its Big Bud parentage.

The nugs have a dense structure that is expected from indica strains. The leaves curl inward tightly. You will notice that Double OG leaves tend to be vibrant green and feature orange and yellow pistils. As expected, everything is covered in white trichomes, helping deliver that potency.

Aroma and Flavor

If you inhale the flowers of Double OG, you will notice an earthy, mellow scent like that of wood, along with hints of tangy diesel. When you grind the flowers, you will be reminded of the Skunk #1 parentage in Big Bud, Double OG’s parent strain.

If you choose to combust Double OG in a joint or pipe, you will notice potentially acrid or harsh smoke. This can trigger coughing, especially for those who are not used to it. The taste of the smoke will be sour, and you will notice notes of pungent diesel as you exhale.

Other Information to Know

Double OG is best for those times when you want to relax and do not have anything important to do. It is not the strain to choose for tasks requiring concentration, but it is an excellent option for relaxation, binge-watching, and hanging out with friends. Most people will want to use this strain at night or on a day when they do not have to be productive.