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Dutch Treat

A treat for all who try her, this award-winning strain knocks competition out of the water


About Dutch Treat

An award-winning strain that has quickly become a staple strain of coffee shops all across Amsterdam, Dutch Treat is known worldwide for her strong THC potency and balanced hybrid effects. Dutch Treat is a cross of Northern Lights and Haze.

This strain is recommended for its initially uplifting euphoric head effects, while the sedative power of this strain's pain-relieving body buzz lulls its user into a deep sleep.

Matching a sweet earthy flavor with an aroma of bright, clean pine, each bud of Dutch Treat is a treat to look at.

This strain produces a high yield of flowers in about eight weeks, and the flowers themselves are usually popcorn-shaped fluffy buds that have a generous fur of potent orange pistils and shimmering white trichomes.