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Elderberry Kush

An indica-dominant hybrid strain destined to help you relax


About Elderberry Kush

Combining Dojaberry (Blueberry x Double Purple Doja) with Edelweiss #3, it's no wonder that Elderberry Kush is a powerful indica-dominant flower.

Known for its fantastically fast flowering time (usually eight weeks or less), Elderberry Kush boasts a euphoric sense of relaxation that extends throughout the mind and body, knocking down any stress or pain it comes in contact with.

This strain is especially recommended for patients who are dealing with insomnia, as Elderberry Kush basically guarantees a deeply restful slumber after it's been used.

Berry-shaped green buds of Elderberry Kush release a fragrance of sweet blueberry and notes of aromatic flowers.

The surface of each of these nugs is a tangle of wild orange pistils and furry trichomes.