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Emerald Jack

A hybrid that will be loved by any sativa lover


About Emerald Jack

Blending the beloved strain Jack Herer with Emerald OG produced Emerald Jack, an extremely sativa-dominant bud that is possibly even more euphoric than expected.

Emerald Jack is described by cannabis users as intensely uplifting, delivering a head rush that some patients see as exciting while others find dizzying.

Due to this strain's effects, some patients (particularly those who are new to using cannabis) may want to try Emerald Jack at a slow pace, as taking too much can give side effects of headaches, dizziness, and even paranoia.

This plant is a fairly fast grower, flowering in just under 10 weeks, and the high yield of buds it produces are known for being potent in a wide variety of beneficial terpenes. These flowers give off a skunky aroma and a bright lemon taste.