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Emperor Cookie Dough

Combining Emperor OG and GSC, it's no wonder this award-winning strain knocks it out of the park


About Emperor Cookie Dough

One of the strongest strains of 2016 according to High Times, Emperor Cookie Dough is the royal combination of Girl Scout Cookies and Emperor OG.

Developed by Greenwolf LA, Emperor Cookie Dough has been tested as high as 31% THC, making it some of the strongest cannabis in the world.

If that isn't enough to sell you on this intense strain, this strain boasts the same delicious cookie aroma of the original girl scout cookies, mixed with a hint of earthy floral notes.

Each of this strain's light green buds is covered in potent chunky trichomes. Those who have tried the strain report that the euphoric giggly effects of this strain are incredibly pleasant, and the stimulating full-body buzz that this strain produces distracts from pain and allows the mind to focus.