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An incredibly potent strain that will stay with you for hours


About Everlast

Everlast is a dangerously strong indica-dominant hybrid strain rumored to have a potency of up to 30% THC.

It can be very difficult to find this strain outside of the Pacific Northwest, but for those who can get their hands on this strain it is said to deliver a physically stimulating body high that somehow still relieves its user of aches, pains, and tension wherever necessary.

Everlast's name comes from the duration of the strain's effects, which are rumored to continue for hours.

Its buds are bright green and covered in potent trichomes, and when you break one apart you will notice that this strain is soaked with a piney, floral resin.

Because this strain provides extremely potent and long-lasting effects, Everlast is not a strain recommended for new cannabis users or those who have a low tolerance, as it can be overwhelmingly strong and cause unwanted side effects.