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Flo Limone

A descendent of Flo with a twist of Nina Limone, this fresh strain is hard to beat


About Flo Limone

This strain Colorado Seeds Inc. is a lemon-flavored twist between the classic hybrid strain Flo, and Nina Limone. The strain is very rare, so you will be lucky if you get the chance to give it a try. One parent strain, Flo, was the winner of the 1996 Cannabis Cup and is known for a bright, light buzz. The other parent, Nina Limone, is a cross of Super Lemon Haze and Rebel God Smoke. The result is a full-flavored strain that users love. It is an 80-20 sativa strain.

Cannabinoid Content

You can find Flo Limone with THC content of up to 27.17 percent, or higher, resulting in a potent strain. Most of the time, however, the THC is more like 20 to 23 percent, which is still strong enough to make beginners wary.


Users enjoy Flo Limone for its focused and bright head high, which tends to give its user boundless energy and happiness. Expect to feel energy rushing to your brain. Users of Flo Limone also tend to feel very talkative and motivated when consuming this strain. Users appreciate that this motivation comes without any aggressive raciness. It also results in relaxation and a light feeling to the body. Users report that it relaxes, but without bringing on feelings of laziness.

Users of Flo Limone report a mellow and very soft high that includes happiness and focus. Others report feeling mostly a head buzz with some slight tingles on the upper back. Many users report feeling the onset of effects almost instantly.

Smoking Flo Limone can also lead to some giggles as well, letting those who use it have plenty of fun. It can help with problems like mood swings, depression, anxiety, and insomnia. It can also encourage eating in those who suffer from a lack of appetite.

The high associated with Flo Limone is heady as well as energizing and uplifting. Expect to feel effects for multiple hours. It will likely begin with a tingle by the forehead before a pain-relieving buzz goes through the mind and body.


Each of this strain's green flowers has a fuzzy outer layer of lemon yellow and tangerine pistils as well as a healthy dose of crystal trichomes. Expect to see small and bright green buds featuring purple tones. Over this, you will find the bright orange hairs, with everything covered by a milk layer of clear crystal resin.

The prevalence of the crystals is impressive, as you will even notice them when you break the nug apart. At this point, there will be crystals and small terpenes inside.

Aroma and Flavor

Possibly the most intriguing feature of Flo Limone is its fragrance. It smells of fresh citrus and a bouquet of spicy floral incense notes. Others describe the aroma as pungent and tangy, while the taste is more of sweet citrus.

Some describe the terpene profile of Flo Limone as a therapeutic aroma, featuring qualities of Moroccan hash and citrus incense. Many people cite the smell of this strain as one of the main reasons that they love it.

Users will appreciate the spicy herbal lemony flavor that includes a smooth exhale that is hashy. This complements the combination of citrus and earthy hash in the aroma.

Other Information to Know

Those who have experience with Flo Limone indicate that it is an excellent choice for smoking at nearly any time of the day. It should not make you too energized to fall asleep or too tired to function.

Due to the potency of Flo Limone, beginners may want to think twice before trying this strain, as it may take them down. Experienced users will appreciate the mild hitting high.