Fruity Chronic Juice

This indica-dominant bud tastes like the dankest fruit juice
About Fruity Chronic Juice

Delicious Seeds created Fruity Chronic Juice by breeding Chronic with White Widow into an indica-dominant hybrid known to deliver calm, creative energy.

Patients have said that Fruity Chronic Juice's high is euphoric, and provides a mellow energy that stimulates the mind without producing paranoia while the strain's sedative side relaxes the entire body.

Its flowers are very light green and dotted with contrasting patches of tangerine pistils and brightening layer of trichomes.

These buds produce a tangy fruity scent and sweet lemony flavor, which is likely how Fruity Chronic Juice got its name.

1 Review
5 months ago
This sweet and fruity hybrid produces beautiful resin-covered buds that will catch your attention even through a glass container. Fruity Chronic Juice produces a brain effect that is very inspiring/creative and a body effect that keeps you anxiety free throughout the day. A must try if available.
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